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New Beginnings'

By Lyn M Whiteman NS-F, RPT, PTP

How do we begin to navigate the world in a different way – creating lasting change and understandings beyond our current thinking and experience?

We are all creatures of habit, who love creating patterns and security in the way ‘things are’, the way they always have been and ‘tradition’.  Those things aside, are we able to address those unhelpful patterns that limit us and keep us trapped inside the box, unable to see beyond the limited view of life as we know it?

In life, we are surrounded by questions of ‘ is it good or bad, right or wrong,’ etc., what if we chose to see those differences, but not be unduly influenced by these in any extreme direction, of either positive or negative?

It’s difficult to explain, and this is not to say that all should be bland and life should not be lived from a moral heartfelt viewpoint. However, we are all perceiving from our own viewpoints, and if these are given credence, then we are locking these into place.

Walking in someone else’s shoes

Moving from one position to another, even if only a few degrees of difference, means we have shifted our perspective. If, only momentarily, this is enough to enable us to be able to ‘see through new eyes.’

Our vantage point co-exists with others, creating a weaving of totality that goes to make up the whole.

No one person is necessarily and singularly right or wrong, as their unique position and experience within the whole creates an individual and subjective viewpoint.

Our aims can be to endeavour the see all sides of a ‘challenge’ or ‘situation’, and yet not fall into the trap of judgement. 'Duality' exists in the model of positive and negative.

The way to handle this dilemma of 'duality' is what we are all going to be required to master…..

Mastery of the Mystery is key

Let me explain further…If we observe for a moment, the Quote by William Shakespeare ' All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages'... ….this analogy requires us to accept that we are playing roles and acting out the archetypical responses.  If we then take this a ‘stage’ further (no pun intended)! Into our understanding, we can take a step back and observe this taking place.  As if watching from outside or in front of a screen or stage – of course ‘The Globe’, (Shakespeare’s Theatre)  is an apt name for this, as we are all living on a spinning globe (Earth), which is constantly revolving, and it gives us an image of a sphere to work with.

If we are watching and observing numerous scenarios taking place on the global stage from a distance, we may realise that we are here to learn from this, but not be caught up in it . I would choose to express it in this way ‘ To be ‘of the world, but not in it’, so to speak.

So how can this be so?

How many times have we been enticed into an argument? Opposed someone else’s viewpoint, or been persuaded to agree with them to keep the peace?  If we look at this another way it may be helpful to us to realise that this is a dualistic way of thinking, living, engaging and being, and could slowly be coming to an end. To navigate between two opposites, without being influenced,  is one of the major keys.

The illusion we call life

Appearing singular, as human beings, we are a multitude of systems with trillions of cells, all working without us directing any of it.

Can we become aware enough, to observe all the responses in the dualistic world, to bring about a greater sense of unity of belonging? Allowing our individual self, a deeper sense of community and unity within the whole? It is possible, and can be applied through a few simple understanding of some previously complex  Universal Laws.

Through the Revolution of Polarity

If we can observe that the continuation of a set of circumstances are enhanced by the fact that they are on the same linear axis, and the only reason they keep swinging in and out of favour is because of this dualistic state, then we can see the longer we engage with the Law of Compensation the more we create the opposites to that which we wish to create.  i.e war not peace, hate not love, poverty and not abundance.  There seems to be a locked in pattern here that is only escapable when we have a greater understanding of what is happening.  It has taken many years for this understanding to be revealed to us, and it is time to share it with others.

The fact that Duality is everywhere, and the Law of Polarity states that everything in the universe has its opposite. However, there is another way of looking at this, and creating abundance,…..there is much more clarity being revealed….


Through the gateway of Polarity - Neutrality is the New Reality

Since 2012, (12-12-12), and beyond, many have been talking about a new paradigm and an end time. Believing in a change for the betterment of Humanity, the understandings that have come about to us are phenomenal.  We are observing life from a different vantage point now, and it is through what we term as 'the Neutral Space'.  The Neutral Space Relaxation is the starting point for the body to be balanced and know where harmony is. Knowing and embodying this harmony can be gained along with further understandings when attending our courses.

Neutrality is the Child of Opposites, or the Law of Polarity’.

Time has brought us to this current point, so we may understand anew the ways in which the world can choose to change.

We can only change ourselves, as the great efforts to change all mankind are too vast to imagine so we need to take the response-ability to do this each and every one of us for ourselves.

If we agree, that ‘Neutrality is the child of Opposites’, or Polarity’, we then can understand, that without the awareness of the child, we are locked into a constant paradox, a diametrically opposed position from which if someone’ wins, someone’ always has to lose?  So is there another way….?

‘The Secret beyond the Secret’, and the calling of us all to heed, and listen to our hearts.

If  we consider ‘Neutrality as the New Reality’, we are able to step back and see the drama playing out in front of us, but choose not to engage with it or in it. Again, this does not mean we do not assist if someone needs help, and we just look on, it means when things become ugly and negative we do not fuel the fire by adding to the negativity, but we stay in our hearts in a ‘neutral state’ of non-judgement, this is not cold, on the contrary, it is very warm hearted.

Distance, understanding and embodying this fully, can be achieved very quickly and will have the effect of gently changing perceptions and creating a new way of well being far beyond our current comprehension of what is possible. As out of this new way of being, comes limitless possibilities as ‘co creators’ of our lives, we are then free to create from the ‘neutral’ which has unlimited resources and puts us in line with our true self, and the greater universal potential.

Having the awareness of stepping outside the ‘dualistic’ thinking state, we can access the greater states of health and well being available through being in ‘neutral’ or ‘unity’ consciousness. Allowing ourselves the ability through deep relaxation, to access a meditative state, to become calm and spacious. Spaciousness is a necessary requirement to carry the cosmic energy through to all of our systems, working with the life force energy, to more fully enhance our lives.

Lyn Whiteman    © May 2013

by Lyn Whiteman RPP and RPT, 4/6/2013

How do we begin to navigate the world in a different way – creating lasting change and understandings beyond our current thinking and experience?

We are all creatures of habit, who love creating patterns and security in the way ‘things are’, the way they always have been and ‘tradition’.

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