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UK Polarity Therapy  Association

Polarity Training.

The UK Polarity Therapy Association

Polarity Therapy Training

Training Covers the four basic cornerstones of how to work with a client to achieve wellness on all levels in a completely holistic manner, if fact it is the most ‘Holistic’ Therapy around.

1. Polarity Life Balance    Self-Awareness

The Polarity Therapy Training covers aspects of communication and body awareness that brings an amazing understanding of the held behaviours of people and how to assist in calm release of any patterns that are no longer required

2. Therapeutic Touch      Bodywork

The balanced touch of ‘Polarity’ works on various levels of related energy patterns in your body: nervous system, cranial, spinal, and musculo skeletal.

The Therapeutic touch of the Polarity Student Practitioner is generally gentle, non-invasive and sensitive to the client’s process.

The Student Practitioner will be taught, using both hands, one on each specific Polarity points, to sense and balance the energy currents of the clients body.

3. Diet   Health Building

The Student will  explore health building diets and nutrition using Ayurvedic system of nutrition and the four elements as a key to dietary balance.

4. Exercise / Stretching Postures  Yoga

Dr Stone developed a system of easy postures which anyone of any age can do anywhere at anytime.

They consist of gentle stretching and rocking exercises, plus more vigorous exercises using movement and sound to stimulate and release blocked energy.

The exercises are geared to work with interrelated energies of the five elements and are intended to support the progress made in your Polarity session. They enable you to be active in maintaining an open and balanced flow of energy.  All this is covered in the Polarity Training.

Click here to find a Polarity Practitioner in your area, or click here to read about Dr Randolph Stone, the creator of Polarity Therapy.

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For further information on Polarity Training in the UK and to read the  Core curriculum  

‘Training and Education’ click for  the document

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