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UK Polarity Therapy  Association

Polarity Therapy  Books.

The UK Polarity Therapy Association

Original works:

Polarity Therapy; The Complete Collected Works, Volumes 1 and 2

Dr Randolph Stone D.O. D.C.

CRCS Publications, Sebastopol, USA 1986 and 1987

ISBN 0-916360-48-2 and 0-916360-25-3

The main reference Volumes for Polarity Therapy  - more for Practitioners

Health Building

Dr Randolph Stone D.O. D.C.

CRCS Publications , Sebastopol, USA 1986

ISBN 0-916360-23-7

A book that enlightens to health and balance.

General works :

Energy Exercises, Easy exercises for Health and Vitality

John Chitty and Mary Louise Muller

Murrieta Foundation, Murrieta, USA 1990

ISBN 0-941732-08-8

A great collection of energy based exercises from

Polarity Therapy and several other therapies.

Polarity Therapy - Healing with Life Energy

Alan Siegel N.D.

Masterworks International

ISBN 0-9544450-5-8

A introduction book for working with the techniques of Polarity Therapy.

Stress Less More Success For High Achievers

The Ultimate Guide to Relax your life and live your dreams

Lyn and Graham Whiteman

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing

ISBN-10: 1516932765

ISBN-13: 978-1516932764

A introduction book for working with deep relaxation.

The UK Polarity Therapy Association

Polarity Therapy Workbook

John Beaulieu, N.D. Ph.D., R.P.P

Biosonic Enterprises Ltd, New York 1994

ISBN 0-9640604-0-X

Book of the Polarity Therapy Protocols.

Your Healing Hands, The Polarity Experience

Richard Gordon

North Atlantic Books

ISBN 1-55643-525-8

A good family and friends introduction to Polarity Therapy.

The Polarity Process, Energy as a Healing Art

Franklyn Sills  North Atlantic Books

ISBN 1-55643-410-3

A good book on the theory of Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy where Energy Meets Structure and Function.

By Phil Young

Published by Masterworks International 2017  ISBN  978-0993346521

A comprehensive guide for Polarity Therapy.

The Ayurvedic Guide to Polarity Therapy: Hands-on Healing

Amadea Morningstar

Lotus Press

ISBN 0-914955-94-2

A good book to inspire you.

A good book to inspire you.

A Guide to Polarity Therapy: The Gentle Art of  Hands-on Healing

Maruti Seidman  North Atlantic Books ISBN 1-55643-329-8

A good book for explanations